Feature Tests vs. Integration Tests vs. Unit Tests

Why are there so many different types of tests in Ruby on Rails and how are they different from one another?

A Curated List Of Resources For GDPR Compliance

In summary, this is a constantly updated list of resources like checklists, webinars, articles, etc. to get you GDPR compliant.

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How To Avoid The Ruby Class Variable Problem

The way Ruby resolves class variables is not very intuitive and in my opinion, it's one of the few areas where it breaks the principle of least surprise.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?

Knowing the cost of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) upfront, for an early stage startup, is knowing if that startup can grow into a real business or if it's just another unrealistic dream.

5 Things You Need To Know Before Building Your First MVP

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How we've cut our development time in half by losing Rails

While talking with the bright geeks at ROHOST at a local event, we come to realize that there are very few reasons to use Rails on a site that does not have the need for it. So while that's common ...

Writing a Chrome extension with Elm

In my quest for learning a new language I've picked Elm and Elixir, I think both are great languages to learn but for this article, I will be focusing on Elm. To be more specific, I will guide you ...

How to test a function that yields a block with Minitest and Rspec

Have you ever tried writing a test for a function that takes a block and does something to that block? I recently had to do that same thing and found there was not much written about it so in this ...

Lessons learned from 10 years of programming

My journey as a web developer started back in 2000 right at the age of 21 and I can clearly remember a certain characteristic of those days in terms of how they made me feel. The best term I could ...