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Not just because you'll get a high-paying job, but because it will unleash your creativity.

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I feel more confident now. I knew tests, I know how to approach new pattern and how to use one of them instead of another
I am more fluid when I perform my assigned tasks and have learned so much. I no longer feel my technical skills are slipping away.
I was able to significantly refactor a large workflow in our main workplace app. Using service objects. I use PORO more now.


VIM for Ruby on Rails Developers

Learn how to use one of the best code editors in the world, and 10x your coding speed.

How to Get Hired as a Junior Developer, Even if You Have No Experience

In 2008 I was desperately looking for a job. I would take anything because I had bills to pay, but I knew deep down that

Girl learning how to code

If you’re considering a career as a computer programmer and you get easily scared by math, I know how you feel… There’s nothing worse than

Ruby Should Be Your First Programming Language

If you’re new to programming, and you’re wondering which programming language should be your first programming language, you’re probably overwhelmed by all the options available.

Cezar Halmagean

Hi, I'm Cezar


I am a software development consultant with over a decade of experience in helping growing companies scale large Ruby on Rails applications.

I have written about the process of building Ruby on Rails applications in RubyWeekly, SemaphoreCI, and Foundr.

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