Level Up Your Ruby on Rails Skills

Writing great Rails code is not just about learning how to write idiomatic Ruby. It’s a lot more than that.

Bulletproof Ruby on Rails Applications eBook

About The Book

My goal with this book is to expose you to a new way of thinking about your Ruby on Rails applications and help you become 10x more confident in the code you write.

Here’s what you can expect to get out of it:

I’ll never forget the day one of my former managers said:

Hey, I want you to manually click through all the pages of our website for every new feature you build, just to make sure we don’t introduce any new bugs.”

That was the day I’ve decided I’ll get to the bottom of it, and set myself on a 10-year long journey that would eventually uncover the one thing that made all the code I wrote since 10x better.

And that’s what this book is all about. I’m really confident it will help you on your journey to becoming an outstanding developer.

Ruby on Rails Coach - Cezar Halmagean

What's Inside

Here’s the table of contents.

Bulletproof Ruby on Rails Applications eBook
I learn a lot faster when I see how the theory applies in practice. After reading this book, I am way more confident than I ever was in my ability to write fully-tested Ruby on Rails apps.
Ionut Mladin
Ionut Mladin
Senior Ruby on Rails Developer