Get The Exact Roadmap To Building Your Profitable SaaS Business

  • Get answers to any roadblocks preventing your SaaS business from moving forward.
  • Identify realistic business goals and find out how to make progress towards them.
  • Unlock the exact strategy that gets you paying subscribers on autopilot.
  • Understand how to fix any technical, marketing, or sales issues standing in your way.
  • Stop guessing and know exactly how to turn your idea into a profitable SaaS business.


Call recording
Meeting notes
Action steps


Call recording
Meeting notes
Action steps

The path to building a profitable SaaS business is riddled with hair-pulling and time-consuming WTFs. Not knowing what you don't know makes problem-solving impossible, especially if it's your first time building a SaaS business.

Instead of wasting your precious time guessing, you can now leverage my 15+ years of experience helping other successful SaaS companies to find out exactly what you need to do next.

Previous clients

I've worked with Cezar and his team to develop my MVP for aLTLhelp and they are terrific to work with. In just a few short weeks, we've got our first version up and running, and we were accepted into an incubator here in Chicago that specializes in the healthcare space.

Gary Schechner
Gary Schechner
CEO at aLTLhelp

Identify The Unknowns

Not knowing what you don't know will keep you chasing every new shiny object.
Jumping from tactic to tactic without ever seeing any tangible results.

1. Book a Call

Schedule a 1:1 call with me to discuss your current situation.

2. Get Clarity

Together, we'll build a roadmap you can follow to make progress on your goals.

3. See Results

Consistent execution will drive the results you're looking for.

Hi, I'm Cezar

Over the past 15 years, I've helped SaaS businesses build and grow their products to millions of users. From finding product/market fit to extending existing products and capturing more market share to building multiple SaaS businesses for myself.

I've seen what works and what doesn't, and I can help you take focused action on the key areas that will drive your business forward.


Burning Questions Asked

Can you help with an existing product (or idea)?

If you aready have a product (or an idea you want to build or promote) we'll build a plan for you to achieve your goals.

So yes, it will work for existing SaaS products (or ideas).

What will I get out of this call?

Based on the goals you want to achieve in your business, we'll discuss the exact strategy and tactics you need to have in place to get you the results you're looking for.

You'll also get a PDF with a summary of what we've discussed in the call, and action steps you need to execute on.

Does my location matter?

Not really, but depending on the timezone, it could be challenging to find a good time to talk.

I'm doing my best to offer a wide range of time slots for the calls.

What if I'm a developer? Will this call help me?

Especially if you're a developer, you need this.

I was a developer as well, and I thought I knew how to build. But that's only about 20% (if that) of what it takes to build and grow a profitable SaaS business.

What if I'm NOT a developer? Will this call help me?

If you're not a developer, and you want to launch a SaaS product, I can give you a few ideas on how to go about it.

Whether you want to build it yourself or you just want to know what steps you should take, I'm here to help.

Do you offer any accountability/mentoring?

If you need ongoing support, feel free to reach out to me at to discuss your needs.

What if I have more questions?

For any questions, please send me an email over at I normally reply in less than 24h.

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